We maintain a strong portfolio that reflects diversity


Capital KD. 5 million. 100% private placement.
A Kuwait based company for communications. They are specialists in all aspects of tele-communications .


Capital US $ 40 million. 18% private placement.
A US based company specialized in the manufacture of 3D cameras and lenticular material. They are the only company that manufactures quality material which can be used to develop 3D pictures, taken on 3D cameras using normal negatives, even by an amateur. The company is poised for a major break through in 3D photography in medical and advertisement fields.


Capital KD. 2 million. 48% private placement.
The only Kuwait based company which manufactures glass and PET bottles. They are the leading suppliers of bottles to major soft drink manufactures. Al Soor placed 48% at KD. 4.8 million.


Capital KD. 1 million. 100% private placement.
A Kuwait based company specialized in recruiting of manpower and supply.


Capital KD. 500,000. 100% private placement.
A Kuwait based company in the courier business. They operate inside Kuwait. They have a fleet of vans, cars and motor-bikes. This is a new concept. They have a very strong clientele including major financial institutions.


Capital KD. 1.2 million. 100% private placement.
A Kuwait based company manufacturing electrical switch boards. Their products meet international standards. Their main clients are Ministry of Electricity & Water and private contracting companies. The company has a license in the medium and low voltage switch board range.


Capital KD. 2.75 million. 78 % private placement.
A Kuwait based company in the process of breeding fish. They are the only company having aqua fish farming in the G.C.C. They have a variety of fishes. Al Soor is involved in re- structuring the company. This was taken over from KIA through a bidding.


Capital KD. 1.64 million. 51% private placement.
This company is responsible for the beautification of Kuwait. They are providing greenery to Kuwait by planting plants on pavement sides, parks etc. They are responsible for the regular maintenance of these plants and gardens.