One amoung leaders of Corporate Finance Advisors


Al Soor is one the leading Consulting House for Finance & Management in the region, operating from its head office in Kuwait. As one among leaders of Corporate Finance Advisors our achievements to date are measurable by the scale of successful projects we handled and the kind of excellent client relationships built on our extensive service portfolio that includes, but not limited to:

  • Profitable Investments and Products Development
  • Placements & Management
  • Corporate Finance & Investments
  • Search and Identify Profitable Investment Opportunities
  • Solution Based Wealth Management & Advisory
  • Analyze & Qualify Investment Opportunities
  • Arrange & Negotiate Projects
  • Project Planning & Advisory
  • Technology Sourcing and Technical Tie-ups
  • Market Research
  • Management Consultancy
  • Package & Sell Existing or New Ventures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions advisory
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Capital Restructuring Advisory
  • Capital Increase Arrangement
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Customized Business Solutions

 “Excellent client relationships built on our extensive service portfolio”


Each Clients needs are unique, our focus-team understands

  • Market Research: Our information services are designed and developed to answer the unique needs of our clients.
  • Quantitative Market and Opinion Research: Quantitative market and consumer surveys cover a statistically representative sample of a target population. Conducted with the aid of a questionnaire and through various interviewing methods (face to face, telephone, mail…).
  • Qualitative Market Research: A research tool that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Focus groups allow our moderators to probe key issues central to our client’s research problem. Focus group discussions are very effective in refining and developing concepts for a new product; pre and post testing a newly launched product; determining the proper positioning of a new product or repositioning of an older one; or shedding light on key aspects of a research problem that need to be further tested in quantitative surveys..

Our Quantitative Surveys are a very effective method for:


  • Learning about consumer attitudes and behavior, knowledge and awareness.
  • Highlighting reasons for brand weaknesses and strengths and identifying opportunities for growth.
  • Testing new products and brand names.
  • Providing reliable market share analysis.
  • Helping project future consumer reactions and attitudes.


Intelligence, diligence and experience are our core assets

The more we research, evaluate and analyze every project, the closer we get to reality in our planning process. This has enabled us to reach a sure-footing, relatively painlessly, in the implementation of our operating businesses.

We have rapidly built a reputation for the quality and quantity of information we maintain on our target markets. Our research team processes a wealth of information in their pursuit of new ventures – their intelligence, diligence and experience are an essential asset within Al Soor.

Our methodology has been developed over the years to ensure that our research capability is a leading edge; every assertion made by our professionals, whether for internal approvals and implementation of our businesses, or conducted on behalf of clients, is verified and tested; where appropriate, we support our internal capability by consulting external experts. We have a network of specialists whom we can call on to appraise projects in a number of fields, adding the voice of practical experience relevant to the analysis.

Our pre-feasibility research is focused and conservative. We require certainty in our assessments of demand, competition and prices, our analysis of costs and estimated returns, and our identification of risks and relevant sensitivities for each product and for each market.

Consistently High Quality, Time After Time

Harnessing and implementing change can only be accomplished by an almost obsessive drive towards quality. We are constantly examining our quality in all its aspects and in all our procedures. We aim to build quality systems which will exceed the requirements of Al Soor in the years ahead. We build quality into what we do and what we will do, anticipating the projects yet to come.

We are a young company which we plan to make an old company during the decades ahead, but with a mindset that continues to thrive on the new. We know we must always have a competitive edge in our products and services. We do not allow the fluidity in our organization to dilute our quality. Whilst we champion change, our standards are unwavering.

“There is quality in how we do things; there is quality in what we do.”


At Al Soor, Business is about achieving results!

Al Soor is especially for:

  • Entrepreneurs in the beginning and critical phases of their activities;
  • Companies that have to face extraordinary situations such as restructuring, expansion or reduction of activities, drawing up important commercial agreements, taking over other companies, national and international joint ventures, technology transfers, etc.;
  • Banks that expect to buy out company shares for temporary management with a view to selling in the future;
  • Financial Institutions that must handle capital of companies in difficulty.

Management Services Like

Assistance in

Assistance in

  • Company check-up.
  • Business plans set-up.
  • Merger & Acquisitions.
  • Joint-ventures.
  • Know-out transfer.
  • Financial Statement Consulting.
  • Corporate & Project Finance.
  • Restructuring & re-capitalization.
  • Privatization & Public offerings.
  • Real Estate Development.
Management in

Management in

  • Implementation of restructuring and restart-up plans.
  • Start-up initiatives.
  • Management support.
  • Tutoring.
  • Management of extraordinary events.
  • Temporary Management.
Actions in

Actions in

  • Leverage buy-out.
  • Management buy-in.
  • Minority share.

At the end of the day, you either take the glory and reap the rewards or face uncertainty.We at Al Soor are willing to stand up and be measured by our results. You will judge us.

The final result is more than a consulting job.

To summarize briefly: Consulting & Management is Al Soor’s way of operating, from specific company goals up to the point of “Temporary Management”.